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  Electrical appliance harness is used to transmit electrical energy and data signals, which can be divided into electrical appliance harness used to connect external power supply and electrical appliance harness used to connect internal components. As the basic connecting parts of the home electric industry, the appliance harness industry has been developing and growing with the development of the appliance industry. In recent years, the appliance harness industry has made rapid progress, and the appliance harness industry will meet huge market demand. Data show that the home appliance harness industry will maintain an annual growth rate of 8% in the next few years.

  However, with the rapid development of home appliance harness industry, its safety and environmental protection will be more concerned by the industry. According to people in the industry, the manufacturing of electrical harness is a traditional industry, and the threshold for enterprises to enter is not very high. As a result, there are a large number of enterprises producing electrical harness, but the product quality is uneven. However, the quality of wiring harness products is not up to standard, which will lay a safety hazard for electrical appliances. In addition, the safety of home appliance products is closely related to People's Daily life, and the safety of wiring harness used for connection inside home appliance products cannot be ignored. If the safety of wiring harness cannot be guaranteed effectively, it will lead to the bad consequences of "pulling a hair and moving the whole body".

  Environmental protection and safety are the basic requirements that the wiring harness of home appliances must meet. From the aspect of safety, electrical appliance harness needs to ensure the electrical safety of electrical appliance products when they are used, which requires the products to have certain heat resistance, insulation and corrosion resistance. From the perspective of environmental protection, the wiring harness of home appliances should avoid causing pollution to the environment and harm to human body during the whole life cycle of manufacturing, use and waste. Toxic and corrosive gases cannot be released during use, which requires the selection of halogen-free environmental protection materials, the use of non-toxic and safe production technology in the production process, and easy recycling.

  It is understood that in order to standardize the production of household electrical wiring harness industry, the state has issued a series of standards and regulations. Take the air-conditioner wiring harness as an example. The national technical committee of standardization of household appliances has issued the air conditioner safety standard, which requires that the external wiring harness of air conditioners must not use plastic wires and must use rubber flame-retardant soft cables to ensure the safety of air conditioners.

  Due to the increasingly high requirements for safety and environmental protection in the household appliance industry, the research and development trend of household appliance wiring harness technology as a supporting part of household appliances will also develop towards the direction of high flame retardancy, resistance to harsh environment, halogen free and control of harmful substances.

  Home appliance harness industry is a labor - intensive, low - input and high - yield industry. In order to reduce production cost and seize the market, some appliance harness enterprises in Europe, America and Japan transfer investment to Asia one after another, which leads to the rapid growth of the production of appliance harness in Asia in recent years. According to the survey, in the next few years, Japanese enterprises plan to reduce the production capacity of home appliance harness by 30%, and increase the capacity of home appliance harness by 20%~30% in China, India and other Asian countries.

  Therefore, it is concluded that the technical risks of the appliance harness industry are mainly manifested as follows: new enterprises involved in the appliance harness industry will inevitably encounter technical risks, which will restrict the development of enterprises. With the rapid development of science and technology, the rapid upgrading of technology and products may impact the products with existing technologies. For example, enterprises of electrical appliance harness cannot keep pace with the development of the latest science and technology, use new technology and develop new products in time, and the existing products and technologies may be at risk of being eliminated. Enterprises to strengthen the investment and management of research and development, attract excellent technical personnel, establish and improve the internal technology innovation mechanism, improve the efficiency of research and development, shorten the research and development cycle, maintain and enhance the advantages of talent, technology and research and development, are all good ways to prevent technical risks.

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