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  Tongling city nardi yarn bundle co., LTD was established on May 4, 2015, officially opened on June 23, 2015, the company factory building area of 2200 square meters, the first phase of the project total investment 20 million yuan, can produce electrical wiring harness project reaches producing the year after 3 million, more than 100 jobs, the company is in tongling, anhui province tai industrial co., LTD in tongling economic and technological development zone of production base, project economic efficiency is good, short payback period of investment, promote employment, with strong market targeted, is advantageous to the impetus to the development of home appliance wiring harness industry.

  Congratulations on the opening of tongling nidisi thread bundle co., LTD. Under the wise leadership of Mr. Cheng anping, the legal representative/general manager, the company will grow and develop gradually, creating a new brilliant future!

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